Leave Out All the Rest-ft. Jarmille

Song title: "Leave Out All the Rest"
Performed by: Linkin Park
Fandom: Power Rangers Jungle Fury--Daishille/Jarmille
Description: This is a video I made for my sister, Lisa, who suggested this song after seeing the series finale of Jungle Fury. She said that it fit Jarrod's inner torment very well, and I agree! Visit my Jarrod/Camille Fanlisting: http://rose-magnifique.net/daishille

"Stay Beautiful" Starring Casey + Lily

Song title: "Stay Beautiful"
Performed by: Taylor Swift
Fandom: Power Rangers Jungle Fury: Casey and Lily
Description: I just adore Casey and Lily. In summer of 2008, I made a video for them with this song, but after the rest of the series of JF came out, I realized that I could re-make it with way more scenes, and cuter ones, too! I hope you like it! Oh, and if you're wondering where this picture came from, I found it on Google. It's a picture of the actors just messing around.

WYLMITE ft. PRMF Couples

Song title: "When You Look Me In The Eyes"
Performed by: The Jonas Brothers
Fandom: Power Rangers Mystic Force couples
Description: This video is for my three favorite MF couples, Chip + Vida (Chida), Madison + Nick (Maddick), and Xander + Clare (Clander).

For more Chida fun, please visit our site dedicated to them: http://noble-scarlet.net/chida

For more Maddick fun, please visit: http://rose-magnifique.net/maddick

(Sorry, Clander fans-no fanlisting! <3)

"Breaking the Habit" ft. Jarrod

Song title: "Breaking the Habit"
Performed by: Linkin Park
Fandom: Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Description: This video is about Jarrod and his internal conflict as he struggles against Dai Shi and being evil and is set to Linkin Park's "Breaking the Habit." Dai Shi is sick of following the Overlord's orders. Jarrod is sick of being controlled by Dai Shi. He is breaking the habit tonight.

"Just Friends" ft. Chida

Song title: "Just Friends"
Performed by: The Jonas Brothers
Fandom: Chip + Vida (Power Rangers Mystic Force)
Description: This video was made for my sister, Lisa, who recommended this awesome song for this awesome 'ship. Chip and Vida may just be BFFs now, but Chip knows that someday, she'll realize that she loves him. Yep! <3
For more Chip + Vida, please visit my site: http://noble-scarlet.net/chida